Amazon Prime Scam

Unsuspecting members of the public are targeted with automated calls which tell them a fraudster has used their personal details to sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription. The victim is then instructed to press 1 to cancel the transaction. When they do this, they are directly connected to the real scammer who poses as an Amazon customer service representative.

The criminal tells the victim the Amazon Prime subscription was purchased fraudulently and that they need remote access to the victim’s computer in order to fix a security flaw that will prevent it from happening again. The victim is instructed to download an application called Team Viewer and asked to log onto their online banking account. The software download grants the fraudster remote access to the victim’s computer and allows them to see the victim’s personal and financial details.

Other variants of the crime involve victims being told they are due a refund for an unauthorised transaction on their Amazon account or telling victims their subscription will be ‘renewed’ for £39.99. The call will then say that you should ‘press 1’ to speak with an ‘account manager’.

 Do not press 1, simply hang up immediately. Amazon will never contact you in this way, and the call being completely unsolicited should also set off alarm bells.

 Unsolicited requests to remote access your computer should always raise a red flag, as once in to your PC they can gain access to all your personal data. If you’ve receive an unexpected phone call, or other communication, stop and take a minute to think about whether an organisation would get in touch with you out of the blue in this way. Instead, contact them directly using a known trusted email address or trusted phone number. Never use a telephone number supplied by the caller or an email address. Never divulge personal details/data over the phone.