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List of Present Members

Maldon and District, Blackwater, Heybridge, LimeBrook, Dengie and District, Burnham on Crouch, Crouch Valley, South Woodham Ferrers

1.    All members of the cluster group U3As are free to attend the various interest groups, including theatre trips and outings, within that cluster group subject to the following: -

a.      Members do not have to join another U3A.

b.    Members can only join another U3A interest group if there is space available and they are not stopping a home member from joining. Once another U3A member has joined a group that member enjoys equal rights with home members when a group becomes full and that they are not asked to stand down so that a home member may join but that a waiting list for a new group should be started or even split the existing group in two.

c.   Members must pay any monies due equally with home members (hall fees/expenses etc)

d.     A member from another cluster group U3A may be the co-ordinator or deputy if no one can be found within the home U3A.


2.      Non-Home Members may only attend one or two monthly meetings before they are asked to join the home U3A.

a.    Any member joining another U3A would have to pay all dues as appropriate with the capitation fee included or not as the U3A determines.


3.    No cluster group U3Ashould actively encourage members from other cluster group U3A’s to join them and should point out that members have the advantage of being in one enlarged U3A already.


4.     Members may be asked to join another cluster group U3A as an Associate Member without any fees but for record purposes only. This requirement is not universal within the cluster group.


5.  Members must show their current membership card or provide proof of membership when seeking to join another cluster group interest group and should not be offended if and when this is requested.



6.      Cluster Group U3As all have the same Insurance cover, so members are covered when attending all interest groups.


7.    Cluster Group U3As may run trips and events jointly and in partnership and may advertise these to all cluster group members. Any event costs would be divided equally amongst those U3As taking part or pro rata if places have not been allocated equally. Cluster group U3A’s do not have to take part in either of these activities; it being their own choice.

Version 1 Correct and confirmed as of 14th January 2020

To be reviewed as and when required by the majority.

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